Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Cache Ranch Experience


We drove from Hood River up to Riverside on Tuesday, stopping at Vantage for grits and at Dry Coulee to learn the amazing geological history of the topography of the eastern part of this state and the Columbia Gorge. We arrived road weary at the Voelckers' Cache Ranch about 8 p.m.

The next day we took a hike (after being transported by truck up to the water hole along the river) to see some Indian paintings on the rocks. We saw some beautiful country and walked carefully, aware of ticks and rattlesnakes!

After the hike we were met at the field near the water hole with home made tamales, beer and sodas for lunch al fresco with Steve and Pat, and Winnie, our hosts here at the ranch. (AKA Paul's brother and his girlfriend, and Paul's mom!) It was a terrific experience.

Then Mary Claire managed step over a rattlesnake and even got a picture with Steve's assistance!

After painting by the river and picking fresh asparagus the painters returned home to another nice meal at Winnie's house. The next day we had another hike up above the houses to some small lakes, spotted lots of deer, some eagles, and great vistas. Perfect weather too, not too hot for us wussy Alaskans, and a nice breeze. We all had hats and sunscreen as well.


Puanani said...

Great photos of interesting country! Wow, the home made tamales and sodas at the water hole got me! Please say hello to Winnie for me, after all, I met her here in Juneau a couple of years back (at the Shrine) when she invited the Plein Reiners to the farm! Watch out for those ticks and rattlers and make it back to Juneau safe! The sun has been shining in Juneau today, probably even into the 60's! The skunk cabbage are going wild! HI JAY!

Selene said...

Well said.