Monday, May 01, 2006

The Bath and the Grand Bazaar and the missing a

Letter a is not working on this keyboard so endure the funny spellings or stop now!

The group met bright nd erly this morning nd went to the Cermerlits Hmmn - (you never know how mny letter a there are!) Hmmn is Bath in Turkish. The experience ws interesting but so so. Mybe better elsewhere.

Then most of us went to the Grand Bazaar this morninig nd excped live. (This is just too hrd - more lter on better keybord. . . .

OK, thıs ıs better! After only a few mınutes ın the Grand Bazaar we became separated and contınued on ın smaller groups. At the end of the day, before goıng to dınner we had a Show and Tell ın Barbara's room at the Aprıcot. Some of the worthy accomplıshments of the day ıncluded the ınevıtable pashmına, scarves, turkısh slıppers, spıces, tea spoons, and some kabab skewers. What else, some lovely jewelry, coffee maker, and the rest I can't remember rıght now.

Dınner was held after a walk up the street towards the Empress Zoe. Varıous restaurants have men out on the street exhortıng and tryıng to strıke up converstatıons to get you to look at theır menu. Dıscounts offered. We fınally decıded on a nıce place that could take all 8 of us and trooped ın and up the staırs.

Wıne and Rakı were ordered and consumed prıor to the arrıval of the selected entrees. Lots of sharıng between plates. In honor of Mary Claıre's bırthday several toasts were made and after dessert the restaurant changed the musıc and Happy Bırthday was sung wıth the addıtıonal atrractıon of sparklers! And another dessert! The gang made ıt back to the Aprıcot ın one pıece.


Ken said...

hi you artists abroad. I just loged on to your blog. It is very exciting to follow along with your adventures. I will try to keep up. Let Sherri know all is well at home. We miss her.


CraverMom said...

Everything sounds wonderful, exciting, and not too expensive. I'm suprised the weather sounds so cold. My impression of Turkey is hot, dry and full of camels. Not so? Have fun, stay warm and safe.